LongArm Model ABL-3

The ABL3 remotely operates the ON/OFF handle on medium voltage Allen-Bradley Centerline motor control center (MCC) cabinets. This unit is of robust design with simplicity in mind as there is no prepositioning of the actuator arms for attachment. Most importantly, the ABL3 has built-in safety features protect the worker from inadvertent operation in all stages of use.

The ABL3 is magnetically attached to the Centerline MCC in seconds. The ABL3 operates the ON/OFF handle with a swift and smooth motion. In addition, the ABL3 actuator and controller may be stored right on the MCC for quick and convenient access.

The ABL3 is offered in two basic models – a wireless version (ABL3-W) and a cabled version (ABL3-C). The advantage of the wireless version is that there are no cables to deal with which makes it more convenient to use. The cabled version is offered because some customers prefer cable operated equipment.

The standard offering includes:

  • LongArm ABL3 Actuator
  • Hand-held wireless controller (with 50’ range)
  • Custom battery pack featuring Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery cells (tested to over 2000 operations before requiring replacement.)


  • The cabled (ABL3-C) version may be ordered with a 30’ or 50’ control cable
  • An alkaline battery pack may replace the Lithium battery pack in the event next day air shipping is required. (Expedited shipping options may be limited for units with Li batteries. An Alkaline battery pack is also available for expedited shipping requirements.)

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