Chicken Switch Model NW-20

chicken switch model nw-20

Model NW-20 is designed to work with Square D / Merlin Gerin MASTERPACT type ‘NW’ low voltage circuit breakers.

A contoured alignment fixture slides into the spring charging handle slot to assure that the NW20 installs easily and accurately. Two lever-operated neodymium magnets hold the actuator firmly in place.

The NW-20 is constructed with quality components that are produced using state-of-the-art CNC equipment. It utilizes motor-driven linear actuators to operate the trip and close buttons on the breaker. This provides smooth operation and does not “slam” the buttons. Like all of our products, the control system is micro-controller based.

When not in use, the NW-20 actuator and all its accessories are stored in the included heavy duty Pelican carrying case.

The standard NW-20 ships with the Chicken Switch actuator, the hand-held controller, 30-foot cable, carrying case, instruction manual, and 16 AA batteries. Optional 50-foot cable available on all MarkTek wired devices.

Compatible Breaker Types

NW-20 Manuals

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