RakTek Model RLR1

dsr1-lgThe RAKTEK RLR1 portable remote racking device is designed specifically for use with Siemens/Allis-Chalmers “RL-series” of low voltage circuit breakers. There are three major components to the RLR1. The power supply which can be fed from either the on-board sealed lead acid batteries or an AC power source, the hand-held control unit, and the racking head.

The geometry of the racking head works in unison with the geometry of the breaker’s racking mechanism. The tang on the racking head provides anti-torque for the racking motor. A high-quality, low-light video camera is mounted in the rear of the unit and is aimed at the breaker position indicator allowing the operator to continuously monitor the position of the breaker as well as the progress that is being made in racking. In addition to displaying the breaker position indicator, the video display has a bar graph on the right side which indicates the current level of torque that is being applied to the racking mechanism.

Key benefits of the RLR1 remote racking device include:

  • Rugged and highly portable
  • Entire kit weighs less than 35lbs
  • Compatible with all RL Series circuit breakers
  • Can be powered from on-board batteries or an AC power source

Compatible Breaker Types

RLR1 Manuals

Companion Chicken Switch Model

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