LongArm Model ABL-1

LongArm Model ABL-1

Martek Limited introduces the first model of the new LongArm product line – the ABL-1. The LongArm series is engineered to remotely operate Motor Control Centers (MCC) and is offered in a cabled or wireless version.

The LongArm ABL-1 fits Allen-Bradley Centerline disconnects with a small or medium size handle. The LongArm ABL-1 can easily be stored alongside the MCC panel (see our video) for increased efficiency and quick set-up time.

The LongArm ABL-1 magnetically attaches to the MCC within seconds and unlike other MCC remote switch operators, the LongArm ABL-1 can be quickly installed regardless of the switch handle’s position and without pre-positioning of the LongArm actuator.

The LongArm ABL-1:

  • Fits a variety of Allen Bradley Centerline MCC’s Disconnect Switches – both 90° or 120° switches. (with small or medium switches)
  • Attaches to the MCC in seconds
  • Rapidly operates in either direction (On or Off)
  • Includes actuator and hand-held wireless controller (optional 30’ cable version available)
  • Powered by custom Energizer Ultimate Lithium disposable battery, offering 10-year shelf life and has been tested to over 3000 operations before replacement.
    (Alkaline version also available – replace annually or 1000 uses)

Compatible Breaker Types

ABL-1 Manuals

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