Chicken Switch Model CS-01

MODEL CS-01 With new Magnets

Arc flash safety has never been more convenient and economical. MarTek’s remote switch operator model CS-01 is the most popular selling Chicken Switch.

Operation is simple and intuitive. The CS-01 gets the user away from the arc flash blast area and is an economical remote switching option. It works well with most control switches that utilize a square escutcheon plate. It is capable of operating a large variety of control switches including the following:

  • Electroswitch Series 24
  • General Electric SB-1
  • General Electric SB-9
  • General Electric SB-10
  • ITE Series 95
  • Shallco Series 26

If your switch is not one of these, but appears to be similar in size and shape, please call us so we can help you determine if the CS-01 will work in your application.

The standard CS-01 ships with the Chicken Switch actuator, the hand-held controller, 30-foot cable, carrying case, instruction manual, and 16 AA batteries. Optional 50-foot cable available on all MarTek wired devices.

Compatible Switch Types

CS-01 Manuals

Other CS Models

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