Chicken Switch Model RL-12

chicken switch model RL-12

Model RL-12 is designed to work with Siemens/Allis-Chalmers “RL-series” of low voltage circuit breakers.

The RL-12 installs easily and accurately by means of a pin that engages the lockout fixture on the racking window. A lever-operated neodymium magnet holds the actuator firmly in place.

The RL-12 is constructed with all metal gears. Other parts are produced using state-of-the-art CNC equipment. A single high-torque motor provides the necessary force operate the close ‘hood’ or the trip button. Operation is swift and sure. Like all of our products, the control system is micro-controller based to provide accurate positioning of the operating levers as well as protective functions for the gearmotor.

When not in use, the RL-12 actuator and all its accessories are stored in the included heavy duty Pelican carrying case.

The standard RL-12 ships with the Chicken Switch actuator, the hand-held controller, 30-foot cable, carrying case, instruction manual, and 16 AA batteries. Optional 50-foot cable available on all MarkTek wired devices.

Compatible Breaker Types

RL-12 Manuals


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