In late 2016, Martek Limited introduced the LongArm® line of arc flash safety products to remotely operate disconnect handles on a variety of Motor Control Centers. The first model introduced was the ABL1 for remotely operating disconnect handles on the Allen Bradley Centerline 2100 Series MCC.

Martek Limited now offers the LongArm® CHL1 for Cutler-Hammer® F2100 MCC. The CHL1 is also compatible with the older Westinghouse Advantage and Series 2100 / 5 Star MCC. The CHL1 increases safety because you are able to work well outside of the arc flash hazard boundary. It also increases efficiency when compared to putting on PPE to simply flip a disconnect handle.

We understand that flipping a switch or pushing a button is a small part of your project. You shouldn’t have to put a lot of time into thinking about how your device attaches or how it works. We design our products for simplicity and intuitive use. The actuator is held in place magnetically and unlike some competing products, it easily attaches to the MCC without prepositioning, modification, or pinning devices to the MCC. The CHL1 comes complete as a kit with a 30’ control cable, hand-held controller, batteries, and actuator stored in a durable Pelican carrying case. A 50’ control cable is available as an option if the worker needs to be further away from the arc flash hazard.

Click here to visit the LongArm® CHL1 product page where you can download the user manual, datasheet, and watch the product demonstration video.